Factory clearance, We clear out commercial buildings of all types large or small including factories, warehouses and offices etc. removing existing structures such as machinery, partitions, mezzanine floors and racking, restoring the property back to its original empty open floor space, ideal service for landlords that need their property cleared out for new ingoing and vacating tenants.

We can supply a full range of services from moving out as little as one machine or an entire factory

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We also buy types of surplus machines, Lathes, Milling, Grinders, Generators, Compressors etc any type, any size any quantity contact us.

Carbide Tips Wanted
Carbide Tips accept in many forms, including carbide grinding sludge with tungsten content.
We buy common types of carbide tips, Small milling cutter inserts, drills, end-mills, blanks.
all accepted.
  Brands Sought

  • Sandvik
  • Kennametal
  • Carboloy/SECO
  • Allied
  • Iscar
  • Cleveland
  • Hertel
  • Stellram
  • Snap-Tap
  • TSIValenite